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Contracts, Establishing Business Entities, Acquisitions, Restructuring, and Corporate Governance are important subjects in the commercial, corporate and banking field. The dklegal team is experienced in designing tailor-made legal solutions. We cover all areas from the negotiation, due diligence, contracting and -when necessary- conflict resolution.




Intellectual Property Law includes Copyright, Trademark, Brand Name, Design, and Patent Law. We have the expertise on both the national and international level and our attorneys provide range of services that vary from the filling of trademarks, advice on transferring certain intellectual property rights and t litigating in extensive infringement cases. We also provide registration and maintenance services for trademarks (including international registrations) and patents.




One of our firm’s areas of expertise is (air) transportation and aircraft registration law. Our team provides legal advice and litigation representation for (international) transport companies, shipping and international airline companies, while we also arrange the registration of aircrafts in attractive jurisdictions such as Aruba and the Netherlands.




Our team members support insurers and businesses in dealing with loss. In addition, we advise them on insurance products and on forms of collaboration within the insurance sector.Our team members in the insurance law and liability law practice group.




dklegal advises project developers, estate agents, investors, contractors and tenants on all matters relating to property issues. Support varies from incidental advice relating to the purchase or lease of property to the complete supervision of a development project. dklegal also assists clients in disputes and litigation.




On telecommunication laws and regulations our team offers broad experience in advising on all telecommunications regulatory matters from negotiating and drafting of telecommunications agreements to assisting with corporate acquisitions and representing our clients before the regulatory authority and civil and administrative courts.




Our attorneys for years have been widely regarded in the local communities as the specialists of Labor Law. We advise corporate clients in particular we assist with obtainment of working permits, on negotiations with trade unions, on mass redundancy or reorganizations, redundancy payments, individual dismissals, and with drafting employment contracts. When the client is an employee, we assist with negotiations of the employment agreements as well as in situations where a conflict has arisen between the employee and the employer. Litigation in this area, including dismissal and dissolution procedures, is an essential part of the Labor Practice.




Our firms provides with the most discretion, practical legal solutions to clients in the Family Law area. Our services in this area include:

  • Civil marriage proceedings and prenuptial agreements,
  • Divorces, alimony and liquidation of community properties
  • Custody of minors and minors related legal procedures
  • Paternity and Adoption procedures
  • Estate issues.



In every situation clients are required by law to request the cooperation of the Government, this relationship is regulated by the rules of administrative law. Our attorneys are recognised specialists in the administrative law field. Proceedings in this area are completely different from the ones in civil litigation, therefore specific knowledge is critical to successfully complete the requirements set forth by the administrative laws.




Few law firms successfully combine Civil and Criminal specialties under a single roof. dklegal belongs to the select few legal practices that has combined both legal specialties. In many high profile criminal cases our attorneys appear successfully as defense lawyers, cases ranging from money laundering, homicide to drug related offences.We also have extensive experience in extradition proceedings including negotiations with the corresponding justice departments.




Colombia is recognised for its biodiversity and agriculture potential. Many foreign companies and entities are therefore attracted to either setup production in the country or act as a provider of equipment or services to local businesses. Some of lawyers are 'green' oriented and can therefore assist with all aspects of such a venture.




As one of the important oil & gas producers while also a substantial minerals exporter in South America, Colombia counts on the interest of many foreign companies in these fields. Some of our lawyers have a broad experience in consulting in these fields, including the obtainment of licensing for the exploration and exploration of these resources.